midwest talent with a world class sound.

Denham McDermott is an up and coming midwest lyricist and performer on a mission to create a sound that’s all his own.

New Album out Jan 20th

King of Releaf

catchy sounds, relatable lyrics.

An up and coming midwest lyricist and performer with an appreciation for classics, on a mission to create a sound that’s all his own. His style takes inspiration from multiple genres, including jazz, R&B, hip hop, and classic rock to create a fusion of harmonies that are sure to stick in your head. Collaborating alongside other successful artists from multiple backgrounds, it won’t be long before Denham propels himself into the spotlight and onto a national stage.

New album

King of Releaf

Out Jan 20th

Denham's first album in 6 years, King of Releaf is raw and full of pure emotion, stemming from his experiences throughout his life journey. This album celebrates the people who've inspired him along the way, featuring local and regional artists from the Midwest.

A core theme of this project is about respect: having respect for those who've influenced you; showing respect for friends and those who've supported you; and most of all, having honor and respect for yourself.

Featured artists include:
• Kevin Burt
• GQ Jesus
• Soleil Bashale
• Slim Chance

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